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Our brewery is 100% renewably powered.
Saving the planet has never been tastier!

Stringers Beer
Unit 3, Low Mill Business Park
LA12 9EE
tel: (+44) (0)1229 581387 @stringersbeer on twitter

We're proud to be a small, independent, award-winning brewer of lovely beer. Or, if you like, a "Craft" Brewer. We live in the Furness area in Cumbria (or N. Lancs if you'd rather). That's the Lake District, pretty much.

Unconditionally Guaranteed Honest, Non-Evil, and Hype-Free!

Not only Greener, Better!

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Our VAT number is GB 921 9807 11 - you can verify this here.
Allergen Information:
Our beers are made with cereals containing gluten (barley, wheat, rye, oats).
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We're in the process of reorganising our bottle range a bit, so if you don't see what you need here, please get in touch.

We produce two ranges of beers in bottle: A set which we have bottled for us (about 50 miles away) and the bottle-conditioned beers which we package in-house.

Please select a bottle for more details.

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Stringers IPA
Classic English IPA
alc. 5.5% vol.
maltsPale and crystal
hopsAmarillo, Northern Brewer
flavourspeppery, orange, lychee, bitter marmalade
matchesFirm, sharp English cheeses. Barbecued meats. Curries
awardsSIBA North 2011 - Silver.
Stringers Dry Stout
An honest to goodness smoky stout.
alc. 4.5% vol. Suitable for vegans.
maltsPale, black, chocolate, smoked. Flaked and roasted barley
hopsNorthern Brewer
flavoursSmokey, liquorice, toasted, roasted.
matchesCorned beef & pickles, smoked fish, oysters, char-grilled meat.
Global Craft Beer Award 2014 - Bronze (Stout or Cream Stout)
Taste Cumbria 2013 - Gold.
International Beer Challenge 2012 - Bronze.
International Beer Challenge 2012 - Bronze (Design & Packaging)
Stringers Mutiny
Strong stout, some call it "double", some "imperial". A rich sumptuous black beer.
alc. 9.3% vol. Bottle-conditioned. Suitable for vegans
maltsPale, crystal, oats, black, smoked. Roast and flaked barley.
hopsNorthern Brewer, Boadicea, Cascade.
flavoursChocolate, coffee, liquorice, vinous fruits, toasted, blackberry, pine, burdock.
matchesBlue cheese, chocolate puddings, oysters, char-grilled meats.
Taste Cumbria 2013 - Gold Champion.
International Beer Challenge 2013 - Bronze.
CAMRA Cumbria Beer of the Year 2012 - Silver (RAIB)
International Beer Challenge 2012 - Gold (Design & Packaging)
SIBA North 2011 - Silver
Stringers Furness Abbey
Brewed in the Belgian "dubbel" style. Inspired by South Cumbria's ruined Cistercian monastery.
alc. 7.0% vol. Bottle-conditioned. Suitable for vegans
maltsPale, crystal, munich, wheat.
alsoBelgian Yeast, coriander seed, spices. Caramelised sugars.
flavoursCaramel, herbal, sweet, gentle spiciness.
matchesSlow-cooked meat stews, soft pungent cheeses, pasta with tomato sauces.
Global Craft Beer Award 2014 - Gold (Belgian-Style Dubbel or Triple)
Global Craft Beer Award 2014 - Judges Choice (Outstanding Achievement)
Taste Cumbria 2013 - Gold.
International Beer Challenge 2013 - Bronze.
CAMRA Cumbria Beer of the Year 2012 - Gold (RAIB)
Stringers Outlook
Gluten Free Golden Ale
alc. 3.7% vol.
maltsPale & wheat.
hopsChallenger, Northern brewer, Mittelfrüh
alsoIncludes a dollop of honey!
Crafted to remove Gluten
Our brewing process removes Gluten. Proper beer, made with barley malt, but less than 20ppm Gluten.
flavoursLight and zesty. Floral, honey.
matchesMussels, whitefish. Crumbly Lancashire cheese.
Stringers Damson
Somewhat sour damson beer refermented with wild yeast. A seasonal production in small quantities. Bottle-conditioned. Suitable for vegans.
alc. 6.0% vol.
maltsPale, crystal, chocolate.
alsoRefermented with, and aged on, raw Westmorland damsons.
flavoursTart, jammy fruit, floral spiciness.
matchesCrumbly Lancashire cheese. Duck.
Global Craft Beer Award 2014 - Gold (Fruit or Vegetable Beer)

No. 2 Stout

Roasty nose. Some grain and dark toast. Firmly bitter. A seriously drinkable low (4.0%) ABV jet-black stout.

suitable for vegans

Plan B

Pale, light and zesty. With a touch of honey! "Gluten Free"

3.7% ABV


Victoria - IPA

Spicy, tropical fruit from the hops, then some bitter marmalade, with a definite bitter finish. Top hole.

5.5% ABV


Yellow Lorry

Gold. A cunning blend of hops gives citrus aroma and firm clean bitterness. Delivers the goods!

4.0% ABV


West Coast Blond

Rich Gold. Full of flavour with floral hops over.

Yep, that's "blond" not "blonde". Also, it's called "west coast" because that's where we are - on the west coast of Northern England.

4.4% ABV


(From) Bauhaus (to our house)

A cool-fermented beer brewed with pale and lager malts, Hallertauer Northern Brewer and Mittelfrüh hops. Pale gold, crisp malt flavour, a light floral / herbal aroma and a clean finish. Most refreshing.

4.7% ABV


We're a small family-run outfit. Serious about giving our customers the service they need, but small enough so that we can concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

We've had a number of people ask us about the renewably powered thing. "Have you got a windmill then?" Well, no, we haven't, but by working with our supplier "Good Energy", we can assure our customers that all the power used in our brewery is 100% renewable electricity, from wind, wave, small scale hydro and solar power. This will have generated zero grams of CO2 and zero grams of high-level radio-active waste.

"And what about your van? Does that run on veggie oil?" As it happens, no. But we buy "offsets" to make up for some of our impact. In the last year we've offset 7.24 tonnes of CO2 (about 14000 miles-worth) through support of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) clean energy projects in developing countries that have generated CER credits. CDM projects are fully verified to Kyoto / United Nations (UN) standards via an independent Designated Operating Entity. These CER offsets are retired / cancelled through the UK Environmental Agency's carbon registry.

We do our best to manage our waste responsibly. Glass, plastic and paper is separated for recycling. Spent grain goes off to a local farmer for pig feed. Our waste hops go to local allotments, where they make excellent compost.

(The beer is excellent also.)

Our Environmental Policy

We recognise our responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of our activities, products and services. We have assessed our activities and identified that our significant environmental aspects/impacts include water and electricity usage and waste production.

In order to promote good environmental practices, our Policy with regard to the environment is as follows:-

1. To identify the significant environmental impacts of our activities.

2. To develop suitable objectives, targets and management programmes, applying appropriate operational procedures to minimise our significant environmental impacts.

3. To comply with relevant legislation, regulation and other requirements relating to our significant environmental impacts.

4. To prevent pollution, minimise our inputs of utilities and resources and the outputs of emissions to the atmosphere, effluents to waters/sewers and wastes to disposal facilities; endeavouring to re-use, recover or recycle materials where practicable.

5. To ensure that environmental responsibilities are defined, communicated and understood at all levels within our organisation and provide appropriate training where needed.

6. To communicate, co-operate and respond to the views of interested parties, customers and the general public, on environmental issues, where this is practicable and likely to result in an overall improved environmental performance.

7. To strive for continual improvement in overall environmental performance.

Rebecca Stringer and Jonathan Kyme 23/11/2014

We're working on our kegging - still trying to make our minds up about keykeg. We've given up on the petainers, "customer acceptance" issues, y'know.
Currently, we're making three GF beers in bottle, these are branded “Outlook”. There's the “Golden” one, the “Amber” one and now, the latest addition - the “Dark” one. These beers also make their way into cask, in which case they're called (respectively) “Plan B”, “The North” and “Turbine Porter”.
Great news! "Outlook Amber" came tops in the FreeFrom Food Awards 2015! In the "down the pub" section, natch. The "Golden" was also shortlisted. More info over here.
To buy our GF bottles, please try your local specialist beer shop, or online here.
Two of our GF beers are reviewed here.
How is the Gluten removed from Stringers GF Beers?
Our GF beers are brewed just like our other delicious beers, with malted barley, hops, water, and yeast. While the beer is fermenting, we add a tiny quantity of a special food-grade brewing enzyme which breaks apart and detoxifies the gluten protein chains. Proper beer, just Gluten Free.
Enzymes make beer?
Yes indeed. That's pretty much what brewing is about: Natural enzymes in malt and in yeast turn a starchy porridge into lovely beer.
How is the beer tested?
Since our bottled beers are handled by an outside facility, we have each batch tested when it comes back to us. Our cask beers (since we handle them in-house, and we're happy with our internal controls), may be tested less often.
Until recently most foods were tested for Gluten using a “sandwich” ELISA method. This method is not reliable for beer – it typically reports a lower level of Gluten than other, more sensitive tests. We use a modern, highly-sensitive test.
What are the levels of gluten measured in Stringers GF beers?
To call our beer “Gluten Free” we have to be sure that Gluten levels are less than 20 ppm (parts per million). And they are. Way lower than that.